Let’s Get Started – What Camille Is Up To

Since this blog is for the public, who might not know what’s going on, maybe we should start by talking a little about what we’re doing here: about our goals, about our projects, about Clarion and the Write-a-thon.  (Or any of the above in separate posts.)

My name is Camille LaGuire. I went to Clarion in 1982.  This is the second year I’ve done the Write-a-thon.  I really like writing challenges — especially ones which let you set your own goals.  My blog is called  “The Daring Novelist” because it’s a kind of personal on-going novel dare.

Lately I’ve been using the A Round Of Words In 80 Days challenges to keep working.  (They are year-around writing efforts: 80 days on, 10 days off.)  The next round will be starting on July 2, so I’m going to be combining TWO challenges for a while. (I generally don’t do NaNoWriMo because it’s too restrictive in terms what you can do and when you can do it.  But I like to cheer people on who do it.)

The one thing I’m just not good at for a write-a-thon is fundraising. I don’t like spam, I don’t send it and I don’t read it myself.  I don’t mind, however, just talking about things I’m doing … and this year, a thought struck me:

This summer, I’m writing a serialized story on my blog. It’s for fun and my education, and I’m talking about it a lot.  And I’m illustrating it, and I’m talking about that too.  So instead of talking about Clarion and the serial and the art all separately, I decided to combine them.

That’s my fundraising strategy right there.  I have a begging bug at the bottom of every episode, and I’m promising anyone who pledges an early look at the end of the story.

Is it working yet?  Uhhhhhh, no.  I did get some nice donations, but they were from fellow Clarion writers.  But then the serial itself only has a couple of dozen regular readers as yet.

As for my goals:

One episode on The Misplaced Hero finished every day, for 42 episodes.

There are probably only 20-24 more episodes to go in the story, howevever, because I’m focusing on really super short episodes (600-700 words) I want to let the corset out and expand it when I turn it into an ebook.  So on any day I don’t finish a blog episode, I have to take an existing blog episode and turn it into a more fleshed out book chapter.

I post the story twice a week, Mondays and Thursdays, on my blog. Here are links to the intro and first episode.

Whoops, I forgot, I was going to end with one of the illustrations from the serial:


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